League of Legends Account LOL | EUW | Level 30+ | 30.000+ BE | Unranked


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Price: EUR 8.50

Condition: Neu

Available Quantity: 507

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Country: DE

End Date: 2019-06-28 - 19:59:31

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Besonderheiten: Multiplayer

Marke: League of Legends

Angebotspaket: Nein

Ausländisches Produkt: Nein

Herstellergarantie: Sonstiges: Siehe Artikelbeschreibung

Genre: Online Game

Erscheinungsjahr: 2017

Modifizierter Artikel: Nein

Herstellungsland und -region: Deutschland

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Article description wLeague of Legends wLevel 30+ Account wServer: EUW wUnranked w30.000+ BE wAwesome Summoner name w0-4 Champions wUnverified E-Mail w14 days ban guarantee (does not apply if it's your fault) Payment wPaypal wBank Transfer Transaction After receipt of payment we will send you the account name and password to your filled in PayPal email address. When paying by bank transfer, the data is sent via Ebay message. Delivery The account details will be send instantly after the payment. And this 24h/24h on 7/7 days, without exception! Contact Dear buyer, you can contact us via Ebay message, Skype (ChristianDRG22) or LeagueOFLegends (ChristianDRG22) Other Information Once you have received the account your 14 days warranty will start. You can add 10 more days if you leave feedback! Legacy Terms You are buying a service that relates to the obtaining of virtual items and game accounts. All RIOT characters are the intellectual property of RIOT Games LTD. For this reason, we do not claim to the virtual property of the traded items. The buyer pays only for the amount of work and time that were needed to reach the score of this auction. The account therefore always remain the property of Riot Games LTD. With the purchase of this offer the buyer indemnifys the seller from all claims by Riot Games LTD and the buyer gives his / her consent to this declaration. This account is automatically leveled up. For future sanctions, we will not be liable, including for example, permanent and temporary account closures or the resetting of Riot Points or Blue Essence Points. Images used are for example only. With your purchase you agree to these terms.

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