Epic Games Fortnite - RARE iKonik K-Pop Skin Set - Samsung S10+ Redemption


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Price: GBP 37.99

Condition: New

Available Quantity: 96

Shipping: GBP 1.90

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Country: GB

End Date: 2019-05-24 - 09:54:26

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Brand: Unbranded

Platform: PC

Game Name: Fortnite

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Description of the listing

iKonik Skin + Emote Promotion end date: 31 December 2019 After this date, the skin will no longer be acquirable. Requirements 1) Please do not ask or repeat questions already answered in the description as that will delay the service. 2) Ensure 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) is disabled 3) Users with PSN/Xbox/Any other console account please make sure it is LINKED to an Epic Games account. 4) If you've have had the iKonik Skin previously revoked for acquiring it ilegally, you are blacklisted from Epic Games from acquiring it again. 5) Details must be sent within 6hrs after purchase or the order may be cancelled. How to redeem 1) Ensure you have read the above requirements and send us your Epic Games email and password 2) Please do not log on until the item is marked as dispatched. Commonly Asked Questions Q1) When will you log in to my account? A) It can take up to 16hrs before we process your account, however, we are available almost 24/7 and usually have it completed within 1hr. Q2) How long does it take to get the skin? A) 10 mins after we log on, there is no waiting time like the Galaxy Skin. Q3) What happens if I can't get the skin? A) We will try once more and if it still fails after another 48hrs we will refund you (Proof required) Q4) Is there a chance that I could lose the skin? A) No, we use a new smartphone for each account. There is no reason for Epic or Samsung to revoke your skin. If we receive a message that has already been answered in the description we may not respond to save our time. By purchasing our service you agree that you have read all the description. We reserve the right to cancel your order if you're not willing to be fair. Terms of Sale Our supplier has a legal trading business with handsets and is issued approximately 50 new S10+ smartphones every day. Since not everyone wants to give up their phone for a new one which they may dislike, we are providing you with a service that'd use your account on a NEW S10+. The service takes approxmately 5-10mins once started, but the actual waiting time could be 24hrs depending on the time of the day (Only subject to digital items that require your game details(working hours only) This item is a digital item, as such we ensure the digital items we provide are legally acquired and have a 100% success rate. Accusations, manipulation or any attempt of fraud results in a dispute or filed complaint with the developer of the program with the buyer's details. By purchasing, you acknowledge you are purchasing a single redemption key for an individual account. Please refer to eBay and PayPal's Terms and Conditions to further understand why returns for digital items aren't accepted. This description has been written and approved by hitech-predator (Electronic and digital items eBay store) if you find a matching description please be advised they are not associated with us and could potentially be fraudulent. (e.g; 'squadboosting') - we are not responsible for what happens to your profile If you purchase from these individuals who have copied our description word by word. Please note - as this is a digital transaction, returns are void. Depending on the supply vs demand, our pricing may fluctuate. Message to eBay! Dear eBay, this digital item does not go against your policy. You have the decency to inform us about a listing error however no effort to tell us what item and error specifically. You have previously taken down this listing for being in the wrong category despite the fact your own platform itself suggests it should be in this section. By searching the term "iKonik Skin" in the eBay search you will find that it automatically sets the item category to "Video Games" therefore this listing complies with your ToS. You will also find many other sellers selling the same item and have copied our description word to word as well as our sale statistics but you claim this is permissible so we are confused as to why you have chosen us specifically to not advertise under this category. If you have any problem with this listing, please contact us correctly and accurately describe the issue instead of jumping to conclusions without explanation. Thanks for your time

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