MOS branded 6502 6502A CPU Processor upto 2Mhz for most 8 Bit Micro Computer


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****** Rebranded 6502 - perfect working order , fully tested ****** These are resurfaced To look brand new and rebranded with original style marking MOS 6502 . These are later UMC semiconductor chips rated upto 2 MHz so on for 6502A or 6502 applications ( all 6502 was made under licence from MOS / CBM except new WDC which have modified instruction sets ). .. made ( 1993 to 2001) so they have a longer expected shelf life than the MOS CPUs. Listed at a bargain price , since supplies of MOS CPUs are now very low ..if you want the orginal MOS CPUs check out my other auctions . Please note these are orginal 6502s , not fakes , just rebranded . Theres a lot of fake MOS ( look like Mos orginal logo ) are produced and having missing registers or other defects from Chinese sellers . See my feed back. ! The supply is limited of these 6502 CPUs , these are very rare now !, 6502 are Rockwell , UMC or WD branded , and was a warehouse find in the UK of old commodore cpu parts which I purchased and stored many years ago , only now have these been put on the market after they where taken out of storage , some are used pulls from computer boards but good condition , but where packed away as good working over 28 years ago . Great as a spare CPU , or a piece of nostalgia from commodore , or a orginal 6502 home brew project you can find on YouTube or Google . ! If the price is too much I have a limited supply of UMC version of the 6502 at just £6. See my other auctions . The 6502 is an 8-bit processor designed by MOS Technology in 1975, based on the design of the Motorola 6800. When it was introduced it was the least expensive full featured CPU on the market by far, at about 1/6th the price, or less, of competing designs from larger companies such as Motorola and Intel. It was nevertheless faster than most of them, and, along with the Zilog Z80, sparked off a series of computer projects that would eventually result in the home computer revolution of the 1980s. The 6502 design was originally second-sourced by Rockwell and Synertek and later licensed to a number of companies; it is still made for embedded systems. Unlike the Intel 8080 and its kind, the 6502 had very few registers. It was an 8-bit processor with 16-bit address bus. Inside was one 8-bit data register (accumulator), two 8-bit index registers and an 8-bit stack pointer. When the 6502 was introduced, RAM was actually faster than CPUs, so it made sense to optimise for RAM access rather than increase the number of registers on a chip. 6502 processors were used in a variety of home computers of the early 80s, for example in: Commodore PET and VIC20 (VC20) Apple I, II and III Atari 400, 800, 600/800XL Acorn Atom and Electron Some floppy drives and other applications use the 6502 CPU as well. ideal also for hobbyist projects. International shipping orders , if you want it sent tracked delivery select tracked as it's quicker and has a tracking number and it is priority mail .... Standard airmail is not tracked and can be longer ... post is 3 to 5 working days , western - central Europe ,usually 2-3 weeks USA - Canada , 3 to 6 weeks for Japan , Hong Kong / Australia - New Zealand . Please note winter orders to the USA seems to be delayed do to record breaking polar vortex and may be delaying deliveries to northern states and Canada. No shipping to South America , Russia , Ukrainian , CIS countries , China , Thailand , Philippines , Indonesia , other remote locations ... due to the high level of postal losses .

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